Expanding My Makeup Horizon with a Friend

Good evening, everyone! I hope you have all had a very restful weekend. for this weeks posts, I decided to reach out to a close friend of mine and asked them to share some of their favorite beauty products with me. I love expanding my knowledge about products I may have never heard about without learning about them from others and hearing why those particular products are considered to be amazing. Note: not all products work the same for everyone, so be sure to test a product out before nixing it or deciding to never try it!

Shannon, who I have known since I was very young, agreed to give you and I an insight into three of her top products that she uses regularly; they include Morphe Cosmetics’ 35O eyeshadow palette, Ulta Beauty’s Contour Lip Liner in the shade Flesh and IT Cosmetics’ Brow Power brow pencil.

Morphe Cosmetics 35O eyeshadow palette
Inside of the 35O palette – it has such a beautiful color range!

Her thoughts on the Morphe Cosmetics palette: “I love that it’s so affordable. It’s only $24 USD and you get 35 shades. Meanwhile, most palettes on the market today will set you back around $52 USD for about 9-14 shades. And the formula itself is pretty decent and blendable too, so you’re getting a decent product for a decent price. It makes eyeshadow more accessible to a wider audience and it’s great for beginners because it helps get you started.”

Ulta Beauty Lip Contour Pencil – Flesh

Her thoughts on the Ulta Beauty Lip Pencil: “The lip contour is a similar deal to the brow product; I don’t wear any lip product ever because idk I do not prefer the way it looks on my lips but, this one I randomly got from Ulta the other day has been my go to – I’ve literally worn it every day since discovering it. It’s only one shade darker than my natural lips and it adds just a little something extra to my makeup look. This product makes it more put together and cohesive.”

IT Cosmetics Brow Power eyebrow pencil

Her thoughts on the IT Cosmetics Brow Power: “This eyebrow pencil is great because it matches my eyebrow shade perfectly, which I’ve never been able to find in an eyebrow product. It’s only $15 USD for this specific product and it literally lasts me over a year; that’s including every day usage! I typically only wear that one eyebrow product along with clear eyebrow gel and it’s changed the eyebrow game for me. I used to be so afraid to do my eyebrows because I would use products that would make them look very obviously drawn on. It was extremely hard to find a good product that matched my eyebrow shade since I’m blonde. But, with all of this being said, this one really made me start loving my brows instead of dreading the process of doing them.”

Overall review: “Each of these three products made me start to enjoy doing my makeup again, and that’s why they are some of my favorite products of all time.”

If you have a favorite product that has changed your makeup game, let me know down below! Have a wonderful week and I will see you all next weekend with another post. 💖

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