Products That Caught My Eye – Sephora Edition

Good afternoon, everyone! Yesterday, I decided to do something different instead of sharing a review with you all. I thought it would be interesting to go into Sephora and look around for some products that were eye-catching, either because of their packaging or because I had heard of the product prior but never purchased it. I ended up finding a total of five products that I found to be extremely intriguing. Don’t worry – I took pictures of all of them and I will be explaining why they caught my eye later on in this post! Let’s dive on in and get started with this.

Front of the box for Kaja’s Beauty Bento
Product shades listed on the top of the box
Back of the box for Kaja’s Beauty Bento
Shade – Sandy Peach
Shade – Sunkissed Tan
Shade – Baked Cinnamon

One of the first products that I gravitated towards were the Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio set from Kaja. The shade that I was most interested by was Orange Blossom. It had a mixture of beautiful nude colors and I was amazed by the texture. If you have ever felt a Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, then you know what I’m talking about since it has a very comparable feeling to it when you touch the product. The shades for this particular Beauty Bento were stunning; they were extremely shimmery and I loved that. however, I did find myself wishing that there was at least one matte shade in this stack so that you could make an entire eye look without having to dip into another palette. This is the main reason why I didn’t purchase this item, but I may come back in the future and get it then! I do have to mention that I did love the packaging; it was small, compact and adorable! I found it quite different that you had to open up each of the sections in order to get to the different shades. These Beauty Bento stacks will cost you $21 USD each, according to Sephora.

Packaging for Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist
Description of the product on the back of the packaging

I saw this sitting on a shelf and was instantly drawn to it because of the packaging it was in. I have never seen a beauty product in a bag! I sprayed this on my arm and wow – it smelt exactly like a watermelon! The spray was extremely fine, which was one of my favorite parts of this product. It also made my skin look fresh and dewy, which was a plus! Glow Recipe has been an up and coming brand on Instagram recently so I was happy to finally be able to test out one of their products. I didn’t end up purchasing it since I have so many facial mists already, but whenever I run out I will be coming back to Sephora to purchase this! This product will set you back around $28 USD if you want to buy it.

Jar of Fresh Rose Face Mask in the 3.3fl oz size
This is what the face mask looks like!
Front of the box – I love the little detail around the text!
Back of the packaging with a description of the product

I guess I was on a skincare kick yesterday! But, this product got my attention because of the way that the Fresh Beauty section was set up. This mask comes in two sizes – 3.3fl oz and 1 oz – so you can pick and choose which one you’d like to purchase based off of each of the different price points; the larger product will of course be more expensive, coming in at $62 USD, and the smaller product, which is considered to be the “mini” size is $25 USD. It’s a great way to see if you really like the mask before splurging on an expensive skincare item. Also, feel free to ask any Sephora associate for a sample of a product you may be interested in! Getting back to the product itself, I love the scent of rose and I am so interested in the fact that this product actually contains real rose petals in it, as you can see from the above pictures. If you don’t like the smell of roses, this mask will not be the one for you since it does have a slightly strong rose scent to it due to the infusion of rose petals. This mask is supposed to hydrate and tone the skin. I was extremely tempted to purchase this, but ended up deciding that I have many face masks at home that I need to finish up before buying another!

Section in the aisle for the Coco Cabana Cream by Sol De Janeiro
Back of the packaging

This product mainly caught my attention because of the bright blue coloring of the box and the product. I have heard nothing but great reviews on the original cream that Sol De Janeiro has, which is the Bum Bum Cream, but I haven’t heard too many people talk about this one. This cream is a “coconut-sugar-infused oil-in-water gel-cream that transforms dry, dehydrated skin into luscious, bouncy skin, providing up to 72 hours of moisture—drenched in deepest hydration, this is you go-to for super dry skin”, according to Sephora. This jar costs $45 USD, which isn’t too bad in my opinion for an all over body cream. I smelled the product and didn’t get too many notes besides the fact that it was very tropical. After looking online at the reviews, I see that people are very mixed about this product, either rating it a one star or a five star. I decided to pass on this since my skin didn’t need extreme moisture at this particular time.

Packaging of the Shake & Shot by Dr.Jart+
Packaging of the Shake & Shot by Dr.Jart+
Back of the packaging explaining how to use the product
All of the different colored masks on display for purchase!

This is the last product that caught my eye in the store, but can you tell why? The bright packaging and the adorable cup shaped bottle that these “rubber” face masks come in is amazing! I have yet to see another company do something innovative like this. These masks are $12 each, which is a great price point. Each colored mask does something different, one is a firming mask while another is a purifying mask, and so on and so forth. I love the fact that this brand makes putting this mask on an experience since you have to shake up the bottle and mix the ingredients together prior to application. According to Sephora, “Dr.Jart uses the same ‘rubber mask’ technique found in high-end Korean spas to achieve equivalent high-performance results—without the fuss of mixing a traditional modeling pack. The innovative cream-to-sheet formula penetrates skin more deeply than a sheet mask to deliver high-potency active ingredients. Each freshly-made mask penetrates skin surface to deliver the benefits your skin needs most quickly and effectively.” I found this product to be extremely interesting, but I did not end up purchasing it.

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